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Logs and Fingerprints
Logs regarding the Fingerprints key IDs: Cookie:;
Browser:; Device:9151d0ef92eef39db27c7e8a8a67e256; Network:

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This is probably (Flash Device and LSO Cookie tracking): ID fingerprint: 9151d0ef92eef39db27c7e8a8a67e256
Fingerprints: Device: Mac OS 10.10.3, x86, xu, MAC 17,0,0,188, Adobe Macintosh, PlugIn, none, 1, color, 72, 1440, 900, 5.1, false, false,
true, true, true, true, true, false, false, true, true, false; Fonts: Abadi Extra Bayan Plainal Nileal Nile Tarikh
Typewrit Braillea Braille Outline 6 Dotapple Braille Outline 8 Dotapple Braille Pinpoint 6 Dotapple Braille Pinpoint 8
Dotapple Casualap Chancery Sd Gothic Neo Sd Gothic Neo Heavyapp Sd Gothic Neo Sd Gothic Neo Sd Gothic Neo Sd Gothic Neo
Sd Gothic Neo Thinappl Sd Gothic Neo Sd Gothicne Symbolsa Farve-em Black Normalar Hebrewar Hebrew Scholara Hebrew
Scholar Hebrew Scholar Narrowar Narrow Fedarial Narrow Fed Kursivar Narrow Kursivar Rounded Unicode Msarial Fedarial Fed
Kursivar Kursivat Blackave Black Bookaven Book Heavyave Heavy Next Demi Next Demi Next Heavyave Next Heavy Next Demi
Next Demi Next Heavyave Next Heavy Next Romanayu Mnbangla Mn Sangam Mnbangla Sangam Mn Sc Old Facebask 93beirut Fedbell
Kursivbe Caslon Tt 72 Bookbodo 72 Book 72 Oldstyle 72 Oldstyle Bookbodo 72 Oldstyle Book 72 Smallcap Bookbodo Ornament
Antiquab Antiqua Fedbook Antiqua Fed Kursivbo Antiqua Kursivbo Old Styleboo Old Style Fedbookm Old Style Fed Kursivbo
Old Style Kursivbo Symbol 7bordeau Roman Let Plain:1. Hand Fedbragg Script Kursivca Fedcalis Fed Kursivca Gothicce
Gothic Fedcentu Gothic Fed Kursivce Gothic Kursivce Schoolbo Fedcentu Schoolbo Fed Kursivce Schoolbo Kursivch Se
Blackcha Black Romancoc Sans Mscomic Sans Ms Fedconso Blackcop Gothic Hebrewco Hebrew Newcouri New Fedcouri New Fed
Kursivco New Kursivco Semi Naskh Sangam Mndevana Sangam Mn Kufi Thuluth Script Itcengra Fedeuphe Ucaseuph Ucas Fedfarah
Gothic Bookfran Gothic Book Kursivfr Gothic Kursivfu Bitmapga Fedgaram Kursivge Fedgeorg Fed Kursivge Kursivgi Sansgill
Sans Fedgill Sans Fed Kursivgi Sans Kursivgi Sans Extra Old Stylegou Old Style Fedgoudy Old Style Kursivgu Sangam
Mngujara Sangam Mn Mngurmuk Mn Sangam Mngurmuk Sangam Mn - Dakotaha Sc Tc Sc Tc Sc Tc Neuehelv Neue Blackhel Neue
Thinhelv Neue Thin Neue Kaku Gothic W3hiragi Kaku Gothic W6hiragi Kaku Gothic W3hiragi Kaku Gothic W6hiragi Kaku Gothic
W8hiragi Kaku Gothic W8hiragi Maru Gothic W4hiragi Maru Gothic W4hiragi Mincho W3hiragi Mincho W6hiragi Mincho W3hiragi
Mincho W6hiragi Sans Gb W3hiragi Sans Gb W6hoefle Texthoef Text Blackhoe Text Black Text Ornament Devanaga Bookitf
Devanaga Demiitf Devanaga Shadowin Old Style Blackiow Old Style Black Old Style Old Style Old Style Old Style Romaniow
Old Style Titlingk Sc Blackkai Sc Tc Mnkannad Mn Sangam Mnkannad Sangam Mn Mnkhmer Mn Sangam Mnkino Devanaga Bookkohi
Devanaga Demikohi Devanaga Sc Heavylan Tc Heavylao Mnlao Mn Sangam Mnlihei Sc Blacklet Brightlu Bright Calligra Consolel
Faxlucid Fax Halvfedl Fax Halvfed Kursivlu Fax Kursivlu Grandelu Grande Handwrit Kursivlu Sansluci Sans Typewrit Sans
Typewrit Fedlucid Sans Typewrit Fed Sans Typewrit Sans Unicodel Sans Halvfedl Sans Halvfed Kursivlu Sans Kursivlu
Gothicms Minchoms Pgothicm Pminchom Referenc Sans Serifms Referenc Extramal Mnmalaya Mn Sangam Mnmalaya Sangam Mn
Thinmark Widemarl Script Fedmeiry Fed Kursivme Sans Serifmis Gold No. Sortsmsh Blackmun Mnmyanma Mn Sangam Mnnadeem
Brush Scriptna Pen Scriptna Peninim Inclined Peninim Inclined Gothic Fednews Gothic Kursivno Extrabla Mnoriya Mn Sangam
Mnoriya Sangam Mn Sanspt Sans Captionp Sans Caption Sans Narrowpt Sans Narrow Serifpt Serif Captionp Serif Caption Serif
Fedpalat Fed Kursivpa Titling Fedperpe Fed Kursivpe Kursivph Inlineph Solidpil Cherokee Ttraanan Extra Fedrockw Fed
Kursivro Let Plain Cc.:1.0s Let Plain:1. Devanaga 714shree Devanaga 714 Devanaga 714 Devanaga 714 Mnsinhal Mn Sangam
Mnsinhal Sangam Mn Blackski Black Extended Roundhan Blacksne Roundhan Sc Blackson Sc Tc Set Semi Set Textsukh Set
Thinsupe Blacksup Black Font Heavysys Font P4system Font P4system Fedsyste Magersys Normalsy Tyndsyst Fedtamil Mntamil
Mn Sangam Mntamil Sangam Mn Mntelugu Mn Sangam Mntelugu Sangam Mn Fedthonb Fedtimes Fed Kursivti New Romantim New Roman
Fedtimes New Roman Fed Kursivti New Roman Kursivti Romantim Kursivtr Mstrebuc Ms Fedtrebu Ms Fed Kursivtr Ms Kursivtw
Cen Fedtw Cen Fed Kursivtw Cen Kursivve Fedverda Fed Kursivve Kursivwa Sc Tc Sc Tc Latinwin 2wingdin 3xingkai Sc Tc
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